Aussie females inspired to lead for change

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern are among the global role models inspiring Australian women and girls to become leaders. A recent survey found that 91 per cent of females want to achieve positions to help influence social change, but aren't confident they can do it. A report published on Friday by Plan International Australia says a survey of 1460 females found that they don't just look to their mothers for inspiration.

OPINION: Syria’s children have been poisoned, and we can't just scroll past this time

There is power in an image that words cannot capture. The achingly silent image of a lifeless child lying facedown on a Turkish beach, that inspired our government to open the door to 12,000 refugees fleeing the same war. And today, those of Syria’s children suffocating, choking, gasping for air while their panic-stricken parents carry them to medical professionals that can do little to save them.

Rising teenage pregnancy rates in east Asia Pacific spark health warning

Teenage pregnancy – the biggest killer of girls and women aged 15 to 19 in the world – is growing in the east Asia-Pacific region, the only place where the rate is climbing. A new report from Plan International, Half a Billion Reasons, has called on governments to develop specific aid and development policies to improve the lives of the world’s 500 million adolescent girls – an “invisible” cohort whose uplift could boost economies, reduce domestic violence, and improve health and education. Ei

OPINION: Rohingya girls are living in a grim purgatory

In refugee camps in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, most teenage girls live out their days here in this hot and unsanitary place confined to tents no bigger than a few metres square. For every one of the almost one million Rohingya living in camps in camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, life is an incomprehensible struggle. The winding, malodourous labyrinth of tarpaulins and bamboos stretches for kilometres and within each tiny tent are families with stories of loss, grief and futility.

Rohingya children live in fear of human trafficking and sexual assault: Report

A new report titled Childhood Interrupted, launched by Plan International estimates that 688,000 refugees have fled from Myanmar's Rakhine State since August last year, following an increase in violence in the region. CEO of Plan International Susanne Legena explains how the charity has been helping to register unaccompanied, separated and orphaned children. "We know that wherever there is a crisis, that involves large numbers of children, those children become vulnerable to being trafficked," Ms Legena said.
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